Facilitating more effective ways of communicating with both your employees and customers whatever size your business is.

Panasonic phone systems combine the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the convergence of IP technology, offering maximum feature and functional flexibility to handle all of customers’ business communication needs, both today and in the future.

KX-TDA30 Hybrid IP-PBX System

Condition: New

The TDA30 is a great phone system for any small business wanting to bring their communications to the 21st century. This system is packed with functionality usually only found in large corporate PBX systems and it comes at an entry level price.

The TDA30 will revolutionize the way you communicate with your colleagues and customers. Advanced features such as voice mail, auto attendant and VoIP are what this system is designed for so it’s ready for now and the future.

KX-NCP1000 Unified Communications System

Condition: New

The Panasonic NCP1000 is an advanced office phone system suitable for medium sized offices with up to 32 extensions. The NCP1000 has a modular design allowing easy expansion for a growing business. The NCP1000 harmoniously integrates to existing VoIP networks and or SIP providers.

KX-NCP allows easy access to a whole host of business communication applications with a choice of fixed, mobile and advanced touch screen IP terminals. These include advanced digital phones, softphones, DECT wireless portable stations, as well as standard analogue extensions. In addition, integration with mobile phones allows mobile users and remote workers to stay connected even while on the move.

KX-TDE200 Pure IP-PBX System

Condition: New

The Panasonic TDE200 is an advanced corporate phone system suitable for medium to large sized offices with up to 160 extensions. The TDE200 is flexible, and incorporates advanced features usually only found in large PABX systems.

Highly modular and empowered with the latest SIP technology, the new KX-TDE Pure IP-PBXs are an ideal communication platform for customers to solve all their business telephony needs today and in the future as they embrace full IP telephony.